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Debbie Wahlberg Biography, Death File, Net Worth, Family

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Debbie Wahlberg Biography, Death File, Net Worth, Family

Debbie Wahlberg Biography

Deborah Ellen Wahlberg popularly known as Debbie Wahlberg was born on the 8th day of June 1960 in Dorchester, Boston- Massachusetts USA.

Debbie Wahlberg is among the nine children given birth to by a bank clerk named Alma Elaine and her husband Donald Edmond Wahlberg who is formerly a delivery driver.

Debbie Wahlberg grew up in a very large family. Her parents Mr. and Mrs. Wahlberg are of Irish, Swedish, descent, and Irish, French Canadian. Both of her parents came from different origins.

Debbie’s Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Debbie Wahlberg
  • Born Date: 08 Jul, 1960
  • Horoscope: Cancer
  • Lucky Number: 4
  • Networth: Not defined
  • Relationship status: not defined

Debbie Wahlberg family

Debbie had 9 siblings, including her parents, although she later got separated from both of her parents which made Debbie stay with one of her parents without having to flow along with the other.

The names of her siblings are Arthur, Jim Paul, Robert, Tracy, Michelle, and Mark her little brother. They were one big family including their parents Mr. Donald Wahlberg and Mrs. Alma Wahlberg.


Debbie’s father was an actor who starred in a movie called Southie, a very popular movie at that time. Mr. Donald was at a time in his life with the US Army. He was among those who fought in the Korean War and he fought well.

Debbie was one of the family’s most loved ones because she was always bearing the family’s name for good.

Debbie Death File

Debbie’s shocking death sounded to Mark, her little brother, as very bitter and sorrowful news, the news got to him at a very important time of his life. Mark was at the point of welcoming his bouncing new baby at the time he was told that his older sister has just passed on. This made the young man weep as he was with double-sided emotions.

Debbie died on September 2nd, 2003 on the same day that Ella Rae- Mark Wahlberg’s daughter was born. She was only 43 years old at the time of her death.

According to most of the documented facts about her death, Debbie Wahlberg died as a result of a kidney problem as it was recorded that before her death she was undergoing a kidney stone treatment in her birth town, Boston.

Some facts files claim that she had a heart attack while she was undergoing the treatment which caused an infection in her bloodstream and that she died. There was so much information related to this but the fact is she died a painful and shocking death.

After the news of Debbie’s death, the whole family was affected, especially her mother, who became depressed after hearing that her daughter is dead. It was indeed not a good condition for the family.

Debbie’s Career

Unlike the rest of her siblings, Debbie Wahlberg did not have any specific job that she specialized in, although her siblings did have their specialties and they were very successful in them.

Debbie’s Net Worth

The formerly existing Debbie Wahlberg has no net worth record because has no job attached to her history plus she no longer exists. “She’s dead”. But her junior brother Mark Wahlberg is worth $225 million.

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