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Moroccan Scott Cannon Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Moroccan Scott Cannon pictures


Moroccan Scott Cannon Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Moroccan Scott Cannon Biography

Moroccan Scott Cannon (Born on April 30, 2011), is the son of Nick Cannon, who is a Television Personality and Popular Pop  Singer Mariah Carey. He is the Twin Brother of Monroe Cannon. He was born in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

Moroccan is a Big supporter of the show “Steven Universe”.

Moroccan Scott Cannon Wiki Data

Name: Moroccan Scott Cannon

Birthday: April 30, 2011

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Nicknames: Roc, Rocky & RocStar

Parents: Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon

Sibling(s): Monroe Cannon

Moroccan Scott Cannon Family Background

His parents Got married in 2008 and finally divorced in 2016. Moroccan also has a twin sister called Monroe.

Due to His father’s affairs with other ladies, he has half-siblings named  Golden “Sagon,” Zion Mixolydian, Powerful Queen, and Zillion Heir. His dad is a popular figure in the Entertainment Industry. He is a comedian, TV star, and Single.


  • He got his first name, Moroccan, because his dad proposed to his mother in her home, which was decorated in Moroccan Style.
  • His Middle name, Scott, was named After Nick’s Middle name and His great-grandma.
  • Moroccan was 5 when his parents divorced.
  • Moroccan’s Full name in Venezuela is Moroccan Scott Cannon Carey.


  • Mariah posted a Video of Moroccan and Moroe in March 2020. The video displaced the twins hosting a lemonade stand called “Roc & Roe’s Lemonade Shacki”. [1}.
  • The Twin celebrated their 9th birthday with a virtual party (via ZOOM) for their friends to see. The virtual stuff is a result of Covid 19 Total lockdown.

On their birthday, they wore a white T-shirt with the words “Roc & Roe” imprinted on it.

  • From August to October 2020, Moroccan was the Victim of Bullying by a White-Supremacist. With the Information gotten from Mariah, he said he thought this person was his “friend.”
picture of Maria Carey with Moroccan and Monroe

Picture of Maria Carey with Moroccan and Monroe

Moroccan Scott Cannon Age

Moroccan Scott Cannon is 13 Years Old as of 2024 because he was born in 2011.

Moroccan Scott Cannon’s Net Worth

Moroccan currently doesn’t Have any net worth. His mom has a Net Worth of over $ 300 million, and his dad has $30 Million Plus.

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