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Yul Edochie Net Worth, New Wife, Age, Biography

Yul Edochie PIC


Yul Edochie Net Worth, New Wife, Age, Biography

Yul Edochie’s Biography

Yul Chibuike Daniel Edochie popular known as Yul Edochie, was born on 7th of January, 1982 in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Yul Edochie is a popular Nigerian actor, producer , investor, politician, businessman, and television personality. His name Yul was named after a popular actor in Hollywood, Yul Brynner, in the movie “King and I” in 1956.

Yul Edochie is the last child of six kids and the son of a renowned Icon, Pete Edochie and Josephine Edochie, a broadcaster.

Yul Edochie Profile Summary

Full Name: Yul Chibuike Daniel Edochie

Birthday:  7 January, 1982

Age: 41 years as of 2023

Place of Birth: Enugu State

Nationality: Nigerian

Ethnicity: Igbo

Profession: Actor, producer, businessman, Politician

Net Worth: $1.8million

Martial status: Married

Children: Kambi Edochie, Dani Edochie, Karl Edochie, Victory Zane Chukwubuike Yul-Edochie and Star Dike Munachimso Edochie.

Spouse: May Aligwe and Judy Austin Moghalu( his second wife)

Father: Pete Edochie

Mother: Josephine Edochie

Siblings: Uche Edochie, Linc Edochie, Leo Edochie, Gen Edochie

Relatives: Rita Edochie (Aunt) Muna Obiekwe (cousin)

Education: Lillians’ Day Nursery School, Robinson Street Primary School, Enugu, Marist Brothers’ Juniorate, Uturu,University of Port Harcourt.

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Eye Color: Dark

 Early Life and Educational Background

Yul Edochie was born on 7 January, 1982 in Enugu State but was raised both in Enugu and Lagos State. He hails from Nteje Local Government Area, Anambra State.

He was born into a Christian family of 8 and he is the last son of his parents. His father, Pete Edochie is a renowned Nigeria actor and mother, Josephine Edochie, a broadcaster.

He started his education at Lilian’s Day Nursery school and attended his Primary school at Robinson street primary school, Enugu. He completed his secondary school education at Marist’s Brothers Juniorate, Uturu and three other secondary schools in Enugu state in 1998.

Yul Edochie  was admitted into University of Port Harcourt where he studied Theater Arts and bagged his B.Adegree.


YulEdochie movie career journey began after relocating to Lagos in 2005. He was housed by Nigeria Actor Nonso Diobi, who helped him a lot in the movie industry. Luckily, he made his first debut in the movie, “The Exquires” together with late Jutus Esiri and Enebelie Elebuwa in that same year.

In 2007, he became very popular after been featured in a movie Wind of glory together with Nnaji Genevieve and Desmond Elliot. Since then, he has acted a lot of movies along side Nigeria renowned artistes like Patience Ozokwor, Olu Jacobs, John Dumelo, Mercy Johnson and many more

For his quest to build more strong and professional Nigerian actresses and actors, he opened a Film Academy in Lagos and was launched in the year, 2015. His strong purpose for the academy was due to prevention and lack of quality and professionalism of youngsters in the movie industry.

The Academy is a training ground for aspiring Nigerian actresses/actors who are passionate to work and produce more quality movies for the industry. These youngsters are being trained by Yul Edochie and present for future opportunities in the movie world.

In 2019, he emerged as the brand ambassador of non-governmental organization (NGO) Citizen Journalist network.

Political Career

Yul Edochie took interest in a political affairs when the Not too young to Run bill was passed by Nigerian Senate. He declared his intention to run as the Governor of Anambra state on 14 of July,2017. He picked up his nomination form under the Democratic People’s Congress (DPC) on August 22, 2017 and became the gubernatorial candidate and the flag bearer of the party. He later lost in the general election as the 19th candidate out of the 37th Candidates that contested for the election.

On July 6, 2018, he was appointed as senior special Assistant to Governor Willie Obiano on Creative and entertainment media.

In 2019, he wanted to contest for presidency position but later dropped and supported another candidate named Atiku Abubakar under People’s Democratic party (PDP). He also made know to the public to run for this coming 2023 election under All Progressive  Grand Alliance (APGA).

Personal Life

Yul Edochie is married to May Aligwe Edochie at the age of 22years. This union took place in 2004 and they are blessed with four kids (3 sons and a daughter). He later got married to his second wife, Judy Austin in 2022 as his result of having another affairs outside his marriage with one of his fellow actors.

He made it known to the public on April, 2022 which stirred a lot of controversy comments online on “polygamy”. His second wife gave birth to his fourth son Star Dike Munachimso and they are really happy with the union.

He stated his reasons for that in his video, he posted on his Facebook page. Yul Edochie said that, he couldn’t have allowed another woman into his life but they are some people you can’t just let go in your life. He said his second wife has created a lot of impact and was unable to end their relationship which led to their marriage.

Nigerian Movies with Yul Edochie

  • Sleek Ladies(2007)
  • Wind of Glory(2007)
  • Keep it Up(2008)
  • Kiss my Pain(2008)
  • Tears of Hope, (2009)
  • My Loving Heart, (2009)
  • Unstoppable, (2010)
  • Sarafina, (2011)
  • Pleasure and Crime, (2011)
  • Zone 9, (2012)
  • Bridge of Contract, (2012)
  • The End is Near, (2012)
  • Against the Law, (2012)
  • Death Certificate, (2013)
  • Restless Soul, (2013)
  • Agony of a Princess, (2013)
  • Money Kingdom, (2013)
  • Apostles of Lucifer, (2014)
  • The Mirror, (2014)
  • Python Queen, (2014)
  • Dowry Man, (2015)
  • Dooshima, (2015)
  • Brothers of War, (2015)
  • Compound Fools, (2015)
  • Royal Maid, (2015)
  • Rain of Hope, (2016)
  • The Affectionate Wife, (2017)
  • Passion of a Prince, (2017)
  • The Man Keeper, (2017)
  • Loving Your Hurts, (2017)
  • Mysterious Family, (2017)
  • The Billionaires (2018)
  • Moms at War(2018)


The palace, Royal castle and Tinsel.

Yul Edochie Age

Yul Edochie is 40yearsold as of 2022.

Yul Edochie Net Worth

Yul Edochie is one of the prominent and richest actors in Nigeria. They said he chargesover #1million per movie. estimated his Net worth around $1.8million.

Yul Edochie Social Media Presence

You can connect with Yul Edochie on his official social media Handle:


Twitter @YulEdochie

Awards won by Yul Edochie

  • Best New Actor Of The Year (English) (City People Entertainment Awards) in 2009
  • Best Actor of the Year (English) (City People Entertainment Awards) in 2013
  • Best Actor (Pampa Awards)in 2013

Some of Yul Edochie’s Quotes

  • The power to change your life lies in your hands.
  • The moment you find yourself discussing people, you are already falling; you are losing valuable time. Discuss ideas,ways to promote your business/assets/talent/future and how to better your environment.
  • For you to achieve something, you must respect those that have achieved before you.
  • Life can end in a seconds. Money, care, houses, fame, good life, all vanity. Be close to God. God is everything.
  • If you are good at something, never do it for free.
  • Learn to mind your business, it would help you in life.


1 Where is Yul Edochie house?

Yul Edochie owns a 3 story building in lekki, Lagos. This is where he stays with his family.

2 Who is Yul Edochie’s first wife?

Yul Edochie’s wife is May Edochie. She is the mother to Karl,Kambi, Dani and Victory Edochie.

3 At what age did Yul Edochie get married?

He married his first wife, May Aligwe, at the age of 22years in 2004, and his second wife at the age of 40years in 2022.

4 Yul Edochie second wife.

Yul Edochie second wife is Judy Austin Moghalu. The mother to his last son, Star Dike Munachimso.

5.Is Rita Edochie Yul Edochie’s mother?

Rita Edochie is not Yul Edochie’s mother. Josephine Edochie is his mother. Rita Edochie is a Aunt.

6Yul Edochie’s  children

Dani Edochie, Kambi Edochie, Karl Edochie, Victory Zane Chukwubuike Yul-Edochie and Star Dike Munachimso.

7.Yul Edochie’s mother.

Yul Edochie’s mother is Josephine Edochie

8.Yul Edochie’s father.

Yul Edochie’s father is Pete Edochie.

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