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Leonard Ellerbe Net Worth, Wife, Age, House, Bio


Leonard Ellerbe Net Worth, Wife, Age, House, Bio

Leonard Ellerbe Biography

Leonard Ellerbe (Floyd Mayweather Jr) is a U.S Air force Veteran and popularly known to be the Financial manager and CEO of Mayweather production. He was born on September 6, 1965, United States.

Leonard Ellerbe Profile Summary

Full Name: Leonard Ellerbe
Date of Birth: September 6, 1965
Gender: Male
Birth Place: United States
Occupation: Entrepreneur, financial Manager
Height: 179cm
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Early Life and Educational Background

Leonard Ellerbe grew up in the Northeast Washington, USA.
He attended Mount Si High School for his Secondary education and later moved to the University of The District of Columbia. Ellerbe also has a master’s degree in Business.


Before his popularity, he journeyed to Vegas to meet the Mayweather family. He went for the tournament’s there as an amateur boxer.

Leonard and Mayweather initiated fight promotion by making the boxer completely independent and allowing him to keep a much larger percentage of his fight proceeds than any boxer before him.
In 1997, Leonard took up the role of Mayweather’s advisor, immediately after his professional career. He also aided in jacking up Glory Mayweather’s Profile by organizing appearances on “Dancing with the stars,” a TV show that pairs celebrities with professional ballroom dancers who compete by performing choreographed routines.
Mayweather stated:
“we work hand in hand. He Understands Business and I Understand Business…”
He later added:
“i guess Leonard had the same Vision I had. I guess the guys who were younger didn’t see what we see.
We had something in common. We see a bigger picture….”.
The boxing promotional firm Ellerbe Managed was founded in 2007.

Also at the production company Leonard overseas the day-to-day operations of Mayweather productions, including accounting and finance, as well as the company’s various portfolios (entertainment, apparel, and personal appearances).

However, the establishment, has earned over $1 billion in Pay-Per-View revenues while hitting an excess of $350 million.
The company is considered as one of the “Big
Three” in the Promotional Boxing Industry.

Personal Life

Leonard Ellerbe is Happily Married to Thatcher Mavis and they’re blessed with two kids named Nockatt and Emer. They family is currently living in Los Angeles, California, United States.


Leonard Ellerbe was raised in a low-income family in Washington DC, USA. His dad washed cars while his mother cleaned houses.

Leonard Ellerbe Age

Leonard Ellerbe is 57years as of 2022.

Leonard Ellerbe Net Worth Forbes

Leonard Ellerbe acquired a large percentage of his wealth from working as the CEO and the Financial Manager of Floyd Mayweather productions.

In September 2014, Mayweather told the Washington post.
“He (Ellerbe) left a 6-figure job to work for me. He worked his way to the top. He’s a multi-millionaire now”.
Therefore, Leonard Ellerbe is said to have an estimated net worth of $50 Million.

Leonard Ellerbe Height

Leonard Ellerbe stands at a height of 179cm

Awards and Achievements

1.Shadow League award (2016)- This award was presented to Him by the AT & T DIRECTV.

Leonard Ellerbe Instagram

You can follow and contact Leonard Ellerbe on Instagram @leonardellerbe

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