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Fanny Mandelssohn Biography and History

Fanny Mandelssohn


Fanny Mandelssohn Biography and History

Fanny Mandelssohn Biography

Fanny Mendelssohn was born on 14th November 1805, she died on the 14th of May 1847. She was a German composer and pianist of the early Romantic era.

She was also known as Fanny (Cäcilie) Mendelssohn Bartholdy after she got married. Her compositions are an orchestral overture, a piano trio, a piano quartet, and four cantatas.

More than 125 pieces for the piano, and over 250 lieder, most of them were unpublished during her lifetime. Though her piano piece was good and she was applauded for it. She barely performed in public, she only played within her family circle.

Fanny Profile Summary

Name: Fanny Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Date of Birth: November 14, 1805

Died On: May 14, 1847

Died At Age: 41

Zodiac sign:  Scorpio

Place of Birth: Berlin Hamburg, Germany.

Famous As: Musician And Composer German Women Musicians

Spouse/Ex: Wilhelm Hensel

Father: Abraham Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Mother: Lea Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Siblings:  Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Paul Mendelssohn

Children: Sebastian Ludwig Felix Hensel

Early life

She was raised in Berlin and got a proper musical education from teachers and her mother, as well as the composers Ludwig Berger and Carl Friedrich Zelter.

Her younger brother Felix Mendelssohn, also a composer and pianist, also took part in the same education and they both built a close relationship as siblings.

As a result of her reservations from her family, and to social conventions of that period about the roles of women, some of her pieces were published under her brother’s name in his Opus 8 and 9 collections. In 1829 she got married to the artist Wilhelm Hensel and in 1830 they both had their only child Sebastian Hensel.

In 1846 regardless of the continuous indecisiveness of her family towards her musical ambitions, Fanny Hensel released a collection of songs as her Opus 1. In 1847 she died of stroke111111111111111111111111.

Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel career

Fanny Hensel lived most of her life in the shadow of her very famous brother, Felix Mendelssohn. Majority of her works were known only to her family and her close acquaintances. But her interest in the music of women composers was restored leading to the rediscovery of her works and convincing many researchers and musicians that her talent was unique.

Fanny’s musical career suffered because the middle-class German family where she was raised held the archaic belief that women should dedicate themselves to domestic affairs and raising children, and go after creative work as a strictly restricted hobby if at all.

It was her brother Felix who discouraged her from publishing her music, which would have made her very famous. Her husband, painter Wilhelm Hensel, encouraged her work, and she started publishing some of her more than 500 compositions shortly before her sudden death at age 41. Although he worked to crush her career. Felix Mendelssohn was very much aware of his sister’s talent and often consulted her on musical matters.


The Mendelssohn family were Famous citizens of Hamburg Germany, where Hensel was born. They moved to Berlin in 1809. Hensel was the eldest of four children; Felix Mendelssohn was four years younger, and the two were close from their early childhood onward.

Their grandfather, Moses Mendelssohn, was a renowned philosopher who tried to build a basis for a friendly relationship between Jewish and Christian Germans. By the generation of Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn, his project had started to progress: Jews found more opportunities in Germany and became more integrated into German culture. But opportunity and integration often carried a price; both Hensel and Felix Mendelssohn converted to Lutheranism.

Most of their musical education was shared between the two. Hensel was taught to play the piano by her mother Lea, and she went on to take piano lessons from top performers in Berlin and Paris


Fanny was married to a painter called Wilhem Hensel

Fanny Mendelssohn Net Worth

Fanny is one of the richest Composer listed on most popular Composer. Fanny Mendelssohn net worth is approximately $1.5 Million.

Fanny Mendelssohn Age

Fanny was born on November 14, 1805,she died on  May 14, 1847 at the age of 41

Is Fanny Dead or Alive?

Fanny Mendelssohn died at age 41. Her death date was May 14, 1847.

Frequently asked questions

1.What did Fanny Mendelssohn do for a living?

She was a music composer.

2.What was the occupation of Fanny’s husband William Hensel?

Her husband was a painter

3.Did Felix Mendelssohn steal Fanny’s music?

Felix took most of her music which he sang and published on her behalf.

4.What did Fanny Mendelssohn study?

Both Hensel and Felix Mendelssohn studied musical composition with Carl F. Zelter, a song composer well known for his settings of the classic poetry of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

5.Is Fanny Dead or Alive?

Fanny Mendelssohn died at age 41. She died on May 14, 1847.

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