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Dj Akademiks Net Worth, Bio, Age, Real Name, Wiki, Podcast

Dj Akademiks pictures


Dj Akademiks Net Worth, Bio, Age, Real Name, Wiki, Podcast

Dj Akademiks Biography and Wiki

Livingston Allen Popularly known as Dj Akademiks  (Born May 17, 1991) is a Jamaican-American Youtuber, podcast host, rapper,  and Former Disc Jockey.  He was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

In 2001, he moved to The United States and attended high school in New Jersey. Allen was usually a shy fellow in school which made it so difficult for him to Mingle with New Jersey culture. As a result of this, he’s started hanging out with his fellow Jamaicans there.

Dj Akademiks Wikipedia

Name: Dj Akademiks

Date of Birth: May 17, 1991

Nationality: Jamaican American

Place of Birth: Spanish Town In Jamaica

Girlfriend: Angelica from the Dominican Republic (BUT Not dating)

Profession: Dj, Rapper

Education: Bachelor’s in Biomathematics

Nicknames:  The Negrotiator, Lil AK

Career and Educational Background

After completing high school, he then attended Rutgers University, New Jersey where he bagged a BA in Biomathematics.

Although, when he was in college, he was a producer. Because he was just coming up then, his success records were so small. Allen then switched to becoming a DJ.

He started his career as a DJ in college. He performed at various parties, barbeques, and college engagements. He began uploading music videos to YouTube and playing for the Rutgers University radio station on Saturday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m., which he did until 2013.

When he began receiving strange calls from people inviting him to play at their parties on the outskirts of New Jersey, he realized the power of the internet.

As a result, he created a website called Late Night Creeps. Later, he shifted his focus from videos of himself at parties to videos of him discussing various aspects of rap music and entertainment.

Since he began talking about Chicago rappers and more details about the music scene in 2014, he has blown up and gained more recognition. This drew a lot of attention to him because more rappers recognized him, their fans fell in love with him, and other rap fans identified with him.

In 2017, the YouTuber and his friend Joe Budden launched a show called Everyday Struggle. On the Complex News YouTube channel, it was broadcast. It became a mega-hit in the hip-hop scene in a short amount of time, and fans of the genre appreciate the fact that they can get first-hand information on the lives of celebrities directly from the duo. Budden’s departure forced the show to end in December 2017. On May 21, 2018, the show returned with new hosts – Nadeska, Wayno, and, of course, DJ Akademiks.

Dj Akademiks Real Name

A lot of Persons are so curious to know his real name. His real name is Livingston Allen.

Dj Akademiks Age

Dj Akademiks is 32 years old as of 2023.

Dj Akademiks Height

How tall is Dj Akademiks? – He is 5 feet and 8 inches (1.72cm) Tall.

Social Media Presence

If you’re asking How many followers does DJ Akademiks have? Then You can get all the answers you need by clicking on the Social Handle link you want.

DJ Akademiks Youtube – click here

DJ Akademiks Twitter – click here

DJ Akademiks Instagram- click here

DJ Akademiks Facebook – click here

Dj Akademiks Net Worth

DJ Akademiks is a very successful rapper.  He took a great step by signing a $6 Million deal with Atlantic Records for rapping deals in 2018. In April, he released a song on the Blue Clues label, capping off a successful year. He used his rap name, Lil AK, to accomplish this.

Allen has an alleged net worth of $7 million. These earnings can be attributed to money gotten from his music and social Media Career.

However, he gets at least $1800 per endorsement deal.  He also earns massively on Google Adsense via his youtube. Also, DJ Akademiks has an Online shopping store that sells shirts and hoodies to Loyal Fans.

To better understand his earnings, consider that his family earns around $1,400 per day, which translates to. $510,000 реr уеаr frоm аdvеrtеd оn hеr vdео. In addition, he has five channels, causing his ncоme to be on the higher side.

These channels include Тhе Wаr Іn Сhіrаq, Тhе Nеgоtіаtоr аkа DЈ Аkаdеmіkѕ, Кіng Аkаdеmіkѕ, LаtеNіghtСrеерVіdѕ, аnd Сrіmе Fаіlѕ.


Dj Akademiks Girlfriend

Dj Akademiks was dating Angelica Ggx, a rapper. They dated for about 2years and broke up. Angelica is an Instagram Model from the Dominican Republic.

Is Dj Akademiks Married

He is still single. We only have a record of Him dating Angelica.

Is Akademiks a real DJ?

Ans: Yes he is.

DJ Akademiks Twitch

You check Him on Twitch here. Although he was banned from Twitch sometime ago.  It all started when Akademiks called Freddie Gibbsirrelevant on “Everyday Struggle,” especially when compared to Jeezy.

Gibbs eventually clapped back at Akademiks, and the two had a Twitter feud that ended with Akademiks taking to Twitch to vent his frustrations about the ordeal.

Ben Baller, Drake, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and, of course, Meek Mill were all targeted by Akademiks. Over the last few days, these shout-outs have drawn a lot of attention to Akademiks, and now Twitch is joining in. Akademiks has been suspended from the platform until further notice, according to StreamerBans on Twitter. This happened a few years ago. But he’s back on Twitch.

Did Akademiks Attend College?

He went to high school, graduated with excellent grades, and immediately went on to attend Rutgers University.

Dj Akademiks’s Email & Phone Number

Contact Him on His Instagram

Where can I find DJ Akademik’s podcast?

You can find it here

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