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Chico Bean Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Daughter, Bio

Chico Bean pic


Chico Bean Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Daughter, Bio

Chico Bean Biography

Anthony Jamal Bean popularly known as Chico Bean was born on the 20th of February 1987 in Washington DC.

He is a comedian, writer, singer, and popular actor in the MTV comedy show “Wild N Out.”

Chico Bean Profile Summary

Real Name: Anthony Jamal Bean

Date of birth: Feb 20, 1987

Birthplace: Washington DC

Age: 35 (as of 2022)

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Nationality: American

Height: 5’9” 1.79m

Famous as: Comedian, producer, actor, rapper

Father: Unknown

Mother: Tawanda Bean

Siblings: Unknown

Children: 1,Pierce Chanel

Early life and History of Chico Bean

Chico Bean was born in America, Washington DC, and was raised there. The story of Chico Bean is quite tragic and traumatizing as he lost about 6 of his family members to gunfire in the streets of Washington including his father when he was two.

This led to his mother singlehandedly raising him and his siblings. His mother had to work day and night to meet up with the expenses of living such as food, shelter, clothing, and education. He attended Winston Salem State University in 1982 after graduating from high school. He is of African American descent.

Chico Bean Comedy career

Chico Bean is known to have a great sense of humor. He started his comedy career in college in North Carolina where he got people talking and paying him attention. Chico Bean started with a standup comedy in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2007.

He went ahead to form a comedy group called Freestyle Comedy Show with B-Daht and Darren Brand. DeMar Ranking Sr (OsamaBinDrankin) later joined the team performing in different universities, clubs, and colleges.

Chico came to the spotlight when Nick Cannon came to see him and then flew him over for his show, Gotham Comedy Show to perform in 2011. Nick Cannon was impressed with Chico’s intentionality being that the rules given to Chico were not what he was used to. Yet he performed by rewriting his scripts. He was also a writer and actor for the E! Network sketch comedy series and a member of the famous comedy club, FamousFaceWiki.

Chico Bean Acting career

Chico Bean is also known to be an actor, a popular one at that. He made his major spotlight when he heard about the “Wild N Out” series going and debuted for it.

He had to pass through three stages before he was eventually picked. The episodes he was supposed to be featured in were just three in season 5, but he went ahead to feature in about 126 episodes in the series due to his excellent way of acting. After the end of season 9, He was tagged the “Most Valuable Player”.

Chico Bean was also featured in HuffPost and Steve Harvey Live Conversation as a guest. He further contributed as a writer to The James David Project while also appearing in a few episodes of Trivial Takedown, a comedy game show. He was also called as a guest in a show titled Sister Circle in 2019.

Chico Bean Music career

Chico Bean is also known for his musical prowess. He has about 9 songs he sang and featured in including “Crack Smoke In Your Body”, “Black People Sing Too Long”, “Nigga When” and so many others.

He also filmed a music video called  “Bright Skin Charlamagne” and performed in the song “Mouth and Lip Service” which was used as a feature in the “Wild ‘n Out: Wildstyle Vol. 1”.

Chico Bean Age

Chico Bean is 35years Old as of 2022.

Chico Bean Height

How tall is Chico beans? – Chico Bean Stands at a height of 5’9” 1.79m

Chico Bean Net Worth 

Chico Bean can be seen as a person that has multiple streams of income as he does several things. He is a comedian, a writer, an actor, an entrepreneur, a musician, and even a producer.

While his primary source of income comes from his career as a comedian, he also has a Merch store where he sells hoodies and full-facebeanies with detailed embroidery on both.

He has various songs and productions in his name which the people enjoyed and danced to which in turn must have brought more money to him.

He was also a cast on the comedy movie “Wild N Out” where he must have made a lot of money as he appeared in several episodes of the series totaling 126.

He is estimated to be worth about $4 million as of 2022 even though he hasn’t made it public. 

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Family and Relationship life of Chico Bean

It is unknown to the media whether Chico Bean is married or not. While some believe he is married and just likes to keep his life private, some believe that he is currently single and not in a relationship.

However, he has a daughter named Pierce Chanel. He seldom mentions his daughter and mother on his social media page, but that is the only hint he has given us concerning his family life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chico Bean

1.Chico Bean’s Daughter’s Name

Chico Bean’s daughter’s name is Pierce Chanel and she is 11 years old as of 2022.

2.Is Chico Bean Married?

There is no information as to Chico Bean getting married asides from the tweet he made in 2015 “I wanna get Married, TO MY SIDECHICK, I wanna get Married, TO MY SIDECHICK, I’m bout to get married”. Whether he has gotten married now or not is something that is not known to the public.

3.Chico Bean Contact

We do not have his contact, but you can reach him on

Instagram via @chicobean

Twitter via @chicobean,

and Facebook via @OldSchoolFool.

3.Chico Bean Mom

Chico Bean’s mom is Tawanda Bean.

4.Chico Bean Wife

He is not known to be married yet and the sidechick he mentioned in his tweet in 2015 is not known.

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