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Candy Jane Tucker Age, Biography, Net Worth

Candy Jane Tucker pictures


Candy Jane Tucker Age, Biography, Net Worth

Candy Jane Tucker Biography

Candy Jane Tucker the American ex-wife to the famous Steve-O, Birth age and place of birth is unknown.

Candy became popular on the internet by her relationship with Steve-O although there are not any foremost description about this American lady on the internet not even where she was born nor details about what she does for a living none of this could be found on the internet.

Candy Jane’s ex-husband Steve-O was proven guilty of a felony crime which he did not deny. The young American guy has also been admitted in the hospital several times for some mental defect.

Candy Jane Tucker Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Candy Jane Tucker
  • Age: /AN
  • Birthday: N/A
  • Birthplace: N/A
  • Nationality: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Horoscope: N/A
  • Divorce: Steve-O
  • Net Worth: $2.5M
  • Height: N/A
  • Profession: Celebrity Ex-Wife
  • Sibling: N/A

Candy Jane’s Age

Candy’s age still remains unknown as she has not updated any details concerning the day she was and where she was born which makes this information invalid until any declaration about her date of birth is made known to the public.

How tall is Candy Jane Tucker

Candy’s height is a little below average as the young American lady is shorter than her ex-husband who is an average height young man, although the exact feet and inches is not known but based on the photograph of the two Americans on the internet this information was carved out that Candy Jane Tucker is little shorter than average.

Facts about the Relationship between Candy and Steve-O Tucker

Candy Jane was formerly the wife of the famous Steve-O Tucker although information about what happened during their relationship together has been a secret.

Candy Jane Tucker and Steve-O Tucker got married to each other in the year 2002 and not quite long after their wedding they divorced. After which the young American Steve-O went ahead to marry another woman after being married to Candy for only 1 year.

The main reason which was told about why they divorced was that Candy could no longer stand Steve-O’s over-drinking attitude so she decided to file a divorce.

Some years after Steve-O and candy divorced, Steve-O got back to his senses and wanted to have candy Jane Tucker married to him again but it was too late so he found another woman named Brittany McGraw whom he fell in love with and they got married, although this new marriage ended up like the first they divorced again.

Candy Jane Tucker’s Career.

The American lady has not publicly said on the internet that this is what she does as her profession, although there are records found of her net worth. Information about the source of her income is unknown.

Candy Jane Tucker Social Media Handles

This information is known on the internet thus a young American lady does have a famous social media presence.

Candy Jane’s Phone Number

This information is invalid on the internet

Candy Jane Tucker Net North

Candy’s Jane, without any information about her source of income, has it on the internet that she is worth $2.5million  and this is her current worth for 2021.

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